Is the CCNA Exam Hard to Pass with Training?

Is it difficult to pass the CCNA exam? It is the question that arises in many minds, so we will tell you its answer.

This exam is indeed very difficult and hard to pass. This entry-level exam can’t pass on the first try usually. To attempt this test, you must have information about technical networking, its basics, and also you have the skills in the configuration of particular devices of Cisco. Due to configuration criteria, candidates need enough practice using real Networking devices.

This exam is the best entry stage exam for most IT experts all over the world as several companies are using cisco products for networking and other IT-related services. So, the candidate needs to gain expertise in the same thing.

Is CCNA hard for beginners?                 

If you think that you know all the networking fundamentals, then you should attempt the CCNA test, and there are chances that you don’t need to go deep into topics.


There are usually no basics for this Cisco CCNA exam, but you need to cover and understand topics related to the exam before attempting it.

Candidates need to have:

  • One or more years of working practice in applying and managing Cisco products
  • Understanding of the fundamental IP address
  • Better knowledge of networking basics

Experienced Pros and the Cisco CCNA

If you have a chance and you are working in the field that has some connection with IT networking basics. Then you are near to passing the CCNA exam and getting the certificate.

If you are getting hands-on experience that CCNA is the best exam that will test your expertise in the field of networking. The bad thing for those candidates that are working in the networking domain is that they become overconfident. They think they don’t need preparation to pass this exam. But it is wrong; they still need to study a lot before taking the exam.

Should You Take Safety+ or CCNA First?

Many people want to go directly into cyber safety as early as possible. Most people want to get government jobs related to IT networking. Several cyber safety-based works consider and give importance to safety+ and consider this safety as the entry-stage exam and certification in the domain. 

So, if you want to join cyber safety in the future, then you should select the CompTIA safety+ as your next certificate. Then you may note that you don’t need the Cisco CCNA certificate.

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have discussed that how difficult it is to pass the CCNA exam. You need to pay more time; attention and also you need to study a lot. It is a difficult exam, and you can’t pass on the first attempt. But if you prepare it, give time and practice as well, then you will pass it on the first try.

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